Hi There.

I am Marco and I am going to write something on my latest favorite project.

A while ago I was working in the office with VNC to take over a PC in the factory. At that moment the mouse moved funny which I could explain. Someone was touching MY test PC in the factory. That was ofcourse unacceptable 😉 and I needed to find out who did that.

It turned out to be Hubert, my collegue. He admitted that he had done that and he challenged me to do the same on his PC. We discussed it and he invited me to hack into his computer and take over the mouse as well. That would be the end goal of hacking his PC. BCos Hubert invited me to hack his computer, I dont see any reason why this hould be illegal. Even my boss does know about it and he did not have any objections.

I hope you enjoy the story.

Best regards,

p.s. I tried to find out the real dates when what has happened. I just started to type in my story to document the whole process . ..

WHY !?

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