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During May 2018 a couple of guys at MADspace have given a workshop Home automation (Mainly using Domoticz). Five times on a Wednesday around 15 to 20 people were visiting the event. The workshop was held in the “Slimste woning van Nederland“. The event was orchestrated in the month before, there was not enough time to make it perfect. It could become a regular event, let’s see what the future brings.

I have composed the complete story (and even more) of the whole exercise. Following the instructions should end up with a working Domoticz system. If not, please leave a comment and I will adjust the article according to your feedback.
Page 1: This page.
Page 2: Raspbian Installation
Page 3: Domoticz Installation
Page 4: Domoticz Setup Hardware

The automation inside this house is mainly built with a X10 network controlled by openHAB. In the future I will also be looking into that alternative solution. For now we will focus on Domoticz. But what is Domoticz?

Luckily we had some sponsors (NODO-shop.nl and SOS Solutions) who made it possible to try out different types of devices during the workshop. This hardware was available for purchase to the people visiting the event.

Special thanks goes to:

  • Ad van Berlo, for providing the location
  • Sander Claassen
  • John Heesterbeek
  • Marco van Nieuwenhoven
  • MADspace community
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