On ebay I ordered an RTL-SDR USB stick with the description: “Mini DVB-T RTL-SDR Realtek RTL2832U & R820T USB Tuner Receiver Dongle MCX Input”, for 2 devices I payed CAD 27,10 (Canadese Dollars) which is €18.29 (€9.15 each). Exactly 2 weeks later I found my package on my doorstep. After I received the package, I went to MADspace and bought a Microchip RN2483 LoRa module from someone there for only €15. He had bought 4 devices because he did not need to pay shipment costs and was convinced he could sell the others. As a return favor I sold my second RTL-SDR to him.

Let me start with the Windows versions. As you might already know me, I do prefer to get everything running under Ubuntu, but it took me quite some time to get that to work on my laptop. Of course when I am done with that I will add the procedure on the site.

When installed under windows it gives me the description RTL2838UHIDIR.

More to come on the installation of this handy device.