When starting with Bluetooth Low Energy I did not know where to start. I couln’t find my devices and I did not have a clue what an UUID or even a GATT meant. Now I know, but there is still no app to enumerate all BLE devices which does the job properly. There are a lot of apps which pretend to know it all, but none of them is showing the meaning of the UUID’s properly. Most of them are based on the standard Android sample.

My idea is to make a “better world”, by showing all available UUID’s with their description. I made a database which includes all known GATT specifications, including services, characteristics etc. The bluetooth organisation is not really helpfull for the DoItYourselfer, because bundled information is only available for SIG members (Adopters, Promotors and Associate members). I made a script to download the latest version of the xml files which give loads of information on the specific UUID.

When the application does not have a clue what the UUID is, it will send a request to my server and I hope the community will then be able to help with finding the right XML for that specific functionality.

Let’s get started . ..

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  • 2017/09/20 at 15:52

    Can I have a copy of this program. Thanks


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