This is a guide howto setup the Intel® Edison.

Intel has a lot of documentation but I want it to be in one place as a consistent story. Please leave a comment below when you have any questions.

How did this all start? A while ago I received the Intel Edison as a sample from an Intel directly (Phil, many thanks for that). But I couldn´t do anything with it (yet). I needed a breakoutboard so I ordered it from Conrad.

Shopping list

For this story I used:

  • Intel Edison (on top)
  • Intel Edison Breakout-board (bottom which includes screws to keep all together tight)
  • 2 Micro USB cables
  • A laptop or desktop (Mine is running Ubuntu)
  • IntelEdison01-Components
    Figure 2: Intel Edison, Edison Breakout-board and two hexnuts

    Let’s get started

    Since some months I use Ubuntu on my laptop exclusive for my hobby projects. This means that the instructions below will only cover the Ubuntu part. I will not share the Windows details with you, others will probably have done that for me. We will need to establish a hardware interface to the board, Program the latest firmware, have it connect with Wifi and then the magic will start to happen. All this can be found here below.

    Building the hardware

    1. Attach the Edison on the Breakout-board. Align the screws with the holes. Then press the two pieces together. Make sure not to press on the metal RF shielding (“What will you make?” printed on it). You will hear it click. Then screw on the hex nuts but not to tight.
    2. Connect one USB cable to the bottom USB connector (J16). Two green leds should light up. After some time you will see an extra device called Edison in your file manager. If it doesn’t, make sure the USB port can deliver enough power to the USB port.
    3. Connect the second USB cable to the top USB connector (J3). This connector exposes the serial console connection. On the Edison you will find a FTDI chip to make the physical connection to the RX and TX of the Edison’s board.

    Connecting serial

    Under Ubuntu make sure there is a terminal program installed:

    Connect to the Edison with the following settings (menu Configuration -> Port)

    Port: /dev/ttyUSB0
    Baud Rate: 115200
    Parity none
    Bits 8
    Stopbits 1
    Flow control none

    Press [enter] a couple of times, this should show

    Use username root and a blank password [enter]

    Flashing latest firmware (Yocto)

    Download the Yocto* complete image from Intel

    1. Make sure the Edison’s USB drive is completely empty. This is the drive called “Edison”.
    2. Unzip the entire content of the Yocto image into that drive.
    3. To flash your Edison, simply type:
    4. This will show something like below here:

    Establish WiFi link

    This will show the connected IP Address. Remember this bcos you will need it later.
    On trick is to add the MAC address of the Edison to a fixed list of IP addresses on your WiFi router. This makes sure you will have the same IP Address every time you connect the Edison to WiFi.
    For the complete article look at the Intel page

    Connect with SSH over TCP/IP using the WiFi link

    We want to get rid of the physical serial cable. This can be done by using an SSH link.

    What you should be able to do now is:

    1. Connect to the Edison
    2. Let it connect to WiFi
    3. Establish an SSH link


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