In the begin of 2014 I stumbled on a research paper: Khan, “Non-Invasive blood glucose monitoring using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy” Medical Design Center, EDN Network, 2013 and I was directly interested. My wife has diabetes type 1 and has problems with hypo’s during the night. When this would work, it would be awesome.

First goal, get it to work reliable enough.

Investigate the information in the article. There is loads of questions of people asking for more information ( 🙂 I am not alone). Masab Ahmad has answered a lot of them. In his answers I read that he cannot fully disclose all information.

Second goal, miniaturize it.

As part of the I2C BodyNode this will be one of them. The sensor itselves should only have a custom printed earpiece, the LEDs, the sensor, an ADC and some decoupling. The rest should be done at a different location on the body. There the power is coming from and also the communication hub should be at the secondary location.

I have contacted the co-author of the original project and am waiting for permission. Maybe I need to change the license for this specific page (I rather not if not necessarry) but I am willing to make an exception here.

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