The connector was not functioning correctly anymore. You needed to flex the connected cable to keep the phone charging. Probably the 5 Volt connection was broken or misaligned. I watched toe following movie on Utube which clearly describes what to do to fix the device.

Needed stuff:
Double sided mobile phone tape
Plastic opening tool/plectrum/
PH00 screwdriver
Hair dryer
Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070 Charging Port Flex Cable Ribbon – ETrade Supply

The steps taken were:

  • Shutdown the device
  • Removed the battery (of course after removing the battery cover)
  • Remove SIM and uSD card
  • Remove the 6 screws on the back with a small Philips screwdriver (are the same size)
  • Remove outside/rear housing, unlock the clips with your fingernail or plastic opening tool. Start at the bottom.
  • When replacing the back cover make sure to exchange the antenna which is clicked in there.
  • Disconnect and remove the loudspeaker
  • Disconnect the 3G GSM antenna cable
  • Lift the volume switch (use the hair dryer to soften the adhesive)
  • Lift the power switch
  • Disconnect the LCD flex cable
  • Disconnect the front camera
  • Remove the 7th screw on the top side
  • Disconnect the USB cable
  • The main board can be removed now
  • The SIM and uSD board can be removed from the main board now (only if needed, make sure the clip and pins are aligned when replacing it with a new one)
  • Also the camera can be replaced from the main board now (only if needed)
  • Now for the removal of the USB flex assembly
  • Lift the vinyl tape (carefully)
  • Lift the flex cable (slowly)
  • When removing the bottom part of the USB flex assembly, watch out bcos it is connected to the capacitive sensors of the menu and back buttons
  • Remove the silicone gasket from the microphone
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