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How to install Domoticz based on a Raspbian installation. Just read and follow the steps . ..


  • Any Raspberry Pi equipped with Raspbian (Stretch). How, you can read that in my previous post.

First thing, something about OS hardening (security).
This means making a dedicated account for installing Domoticz.

sudo adduser domoticz
Just follow instructions. Add full name and password at a minimum. Make sure to enter a password which is difficult to guess. Generate one and store it in your password app. Of course, always choose a unique password (different from the pi user account).

Add this new user to the sudo group.
sudo adduser domoticz sudo

Change to that user account.
su domoticz

Then we arrange that we do not need to enter the password when doing a sudo command. You already logged on, didn’t you?
sudo visudo

At the end of that file which is opened (/etc/sudoers) you should add:
Press <Ctrl-X>, Y, and <enter> to confirm the filename.

xkcd: Authorization

Libssl.so (obsolete)
Some installation instructions mention that you need to install libssl.so.1.0.0. This was true for the 2017-08 version. In the latest version 2018-11-13 this component has been added by default so this action is not needed anymore.

Install Domoticz
Make sure you are logged on with user account domoticz (su domoticz). You can find out which user is loggedn on with:

Go to the home folder.
cd ~

Create a folder domoticz.
mkdir domoticz
cd domoticz

Start the installation.
sudo curl -L install.domoticz.com | bash

Go through the wizard.

domoticz@raspberrypi89:/etc/domoticz $ cat setupVars.confDest_folder=/home/domoticz/domoticz
domoticz@raspberrypi89:/etc/domoticz $

More to come . ..

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