Today I went to the electronics shop and bought some components. With these components I will try to make a KeyLogger based on an Atmel AT89C2051 and AT24C04. these component will be mounted inside the keyboard of Hubert.

The only problem is: I dont know how to program an Atmel. I did have a project in the past using a HCT11 microcontroller, but that was really some time ago. I will proceed to find out how to get the Atmel chip programmed with my program.

I am using an existing project on the web, but I will not link to that to give other users the suggestion to do the same as I did. I really warn that hacking a PC lke I am doing now is very illegal when the hacked subject does not give approval to do so, so don’t try this at your office!

The story I am describing is pure meant as informative. You can use this information to harden your organisation against these kind of attacks.

grtx Marco.

ATMEL, phase 1

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