I did start with the KeyLogger using another project. This has a different memory chip which I could not buy here in the Netherlands at my favorite electronics shop. This means that a different binary file needs to be assembled. I did some searching on the net and found a 2-pass assembler (ASEM-51 Version 1.3) based on a commandline interface. The syntax which is used in the keylogger was not compatible with the A51 file syntax of the ASEM-51. I needed to change some lines:

.equ EEMAX,2
.ORG 0000h
.db 01h, 02h, 03h

EEMAX equ 2
ORG 0000h
db 01h, 02h, 03h

And also adding
at the end of the file.

ATMEL, phase 3

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