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During this lesson, you will learn how to add hardware components to your Domoticz setup. Attached hardware will be configured as a unique device name.

Unique device names

When attaching multiple hardware devices, it can get confusing which device has which function. The devices have names like ttyUSB0, ttyUSB1 etc. This is really confusing. Sometimes the devices they are named the other way around, ie. ttyUSB1 and ttyUSB0.

When this switch happens, Domoticz does not understand the function of the device anymore. In my case, I have two RFLink devices attached, one for 433 MHz and one for 868 MHz. Their names are ttyACM0 and ttyACM1. I would like to call them ttyUSB-rflink433 and ttyUSB-rflink868. That makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Inside Raspbian you can link hardware based on the identifiers and serialnumber. How? There is more to come soon . ..

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