The booklet with mounting instructions was of a different kind of microscope. Here are some proper instructions to assemble the microscope. Ofcourse I did not make any mistakes myselves, ahum, okay okay, maybe I made a couple of small mistakes.

It is a big box which is quite heave as well. First thing is probably to throw away the booklet. If it says SZM series it is not for this microscope type.

The base of the microscope is quite heavy. It is a solid block of iron weighing 12.5 Kg. That is quite nice. Attach the vertical boom to it by screwing it in. Make sure the screw in the base is loose enough to insert the boom. After screwing the boom in, fixate it with the screw in the base. Make sure the hex nuts which connect the base to the boom holder are nice and tight. You do not want the boom to come down on you. You might want to attach them again with some locktite on it to make sure it stays there forever. Also tighten the knob, you do not want it to fall down when extra weight is added.

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Here was my first mistake, I mounted the horizontal boom upside-down. It did work but the range of the zoom was limited because the distance to the working piece was too small.

Insert one of the knobs so the boom does not start moving on its own. You can seriously hurt yourselves, I just got away with a slight pinch of some skin. I picked a knob (number 1). This knob prevents the horizontal boom from sliding horizontally.

Add knob (number 2) on this side. This knob prevents the horizontal boom from rotating.

Here was my second mistake, assuming that the orinentation of the microscope holder was correct. It was not. Here you need to insert one of the knobs (number 3) as well. You can adjust the working height of the microscope with this knob.

Attach the microscope holder to the horizontal boom. Make sure that the hex screw is not turned in too far, or you wont be able to fit it. After connecting both pieces, fasten the hex screw. When you do not tighten it to hard, the microscope can still turn around this axis.

Attach the eyepiece shields to the eyepieces. Then add the eyepieces to the head of the microscope (remove the dust covers first). On the Diopter adjustment rings there are screws, make sure to undo them a bit or otherwise the eyepieces will not fit in. After that fasten the screws again so the eyepieces cannot fall out. You can now also add the barlow lense (If you have/need one). Here you need to remove the dust cover as well.

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Insert the microscope head into the holder ring. Inside this ring there is a fastening screw. Undo this before and fasten after.

Now optionally you can add the led ring and you are done!

The microscope has a dust cover supplied with it (which really does not fit). Maybe I can find out a way to make it fit better. For that I need to fuse the plastic. How to do that properly, I am not sure yet. The existing cover might be adjustable.

Barlow lenses.

The native resolution of the microscope is 7-45X.

You can modify this value by adding a 0.5x barlow lens. Then the microscope has a range of 2.5-22.5X with double of the working distance.
Here is a complete list of barlow lenses for the SM series Stereo Microscopes (48mm)

  • 0.3 Super Widefield Barlow Lens
  • 0.5X Barlow Lens
  • 0.7X Barlow Lens
  • 1X Barlow Lens
  • 1.5X Barlow Lens
  • 2X Barlow Lens

For the SMD soldering I think I will stick to the 0.5X barlow lense. You normally do not need that much of a zoom. The lower the zoom, the bigger the field of view.

Quality of the decive.


  • Has a heavy base, the microscope is quite steady.
  • TBD.


  • When working with the boom I quickly found out that the steel of the rod is not hardened. The linear ball bearings make scratches on the surface of the upper rod. That is quite a bummer, not even the kind of material is wrong, also the diameter of the rod is under-dimensioned. Time to fix that soon . ..
  • TBD.

Bill of Material (2017-11-27):

Article ArticleNumber Amount
SM-4TP stereomicroscoop 7-45x SZM7045NT-STL2 € 695,00
Dimbare ledring voor microscopen LEDR60 € 49,00
Barlow lens 0.5x SM05 € 39,00
Total € 783,00

I bought the microscope at
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2 thoughts on “SM-4TP Stereomicroscope 3.5-45x assembly instructions

  • 2018/08/02 at 06:59

    thank you for the outstanding review. Is this microscope a so called “zoom-microscope” ?
    And am I wrong saying this microscope is build in China or is this a heavy mistake?

    There by my next question: I wil use such a microscope for my engraving work.
    For this work I have to use an engraving vice (engraving ball from prox 15-20 cm high).
    Can I use this microscope to do this kind of work?

    • 2018/08/02 at 07:05

      Hi Samoos,

      It depends on the zoom factor you would like to use. I would definitively say you need to add the 0.5x lens to it to achieve more height from the working piece. At the moment I am not home, but when I do get there in the weekend I can have a look what the distance of the lens to the object is with different zoom factors. Changing the zoom also changes the working distance you will get.



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